Blue Velvet, Friday 6th April 2001

- introducing Thomas and Kim

(Actually, they'd already been to Blue Velvet the previous week. But this time I had the camera! And even if it was a shitty disposable, photo editors are your friend ...)

1. The obligatory 'Nicky and Tim being cute' shot.

2-4. Kim (LadyEros) and Nicky; me and Kim; Thomas Beagle and Kim.

5. David and Justin.

6. Alan and Louise, who were playing goth rock to an appreciative audience of none until I looked upstairs and told everyone to come on up ...

7, 8. ... where I led by example. First shot is to "Lover Come Back To Me"; you might think I'm just dorky-dancing, but it still got the chyx (to the tune of "Heart Of The Party"). Even if the chyx was Dennis, who doesn't really count for these purposes.

9. Katie and Justin in the booth.

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